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Boiler Installation Near Me

Longmont HVAC Contractor - Boiler Installation Near Me

There are numerous options for choosing the heating system to install in a new home. Forced air heaters (like furnaces and heat pumps) are usually the most popular. However, instead of drawing air from inside your home, heating it, and sending it back out (like a forced-air heater does), there’s an alternative way to heat your home. That is by installing a boiler. Boilers are not as old-fashioned as they sound. New technology has made this heating system one of the most popular and ideal home heating options. There are several advantages that boilers provide for home heating. If you’re searching for “boiler installation near me,” consider hiring Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling for your home heating system installation. 

How Boiler Systems Work

Boilers use water as a heat transfer medium. A boiler heats the water inside a tank using natural gas elements. The hot water passes through the pipes until it reaches terminal points located throughout a home. These points are usually baseboard heaters, radiators, or in-floor piping. The hot water warms up the object, radiating heat into the room. When you have a boiler, the hot water for your shower, dishwasher, and washing machine all comes from the same source that provides heat for your home. 

The Top 5 Advantages of Installing a Boiler

Although forced-air heaters are extremely popular for residential heating, you’ll see why many people have opted for boilers as a comfortable alternative. Here are our top 5 advantages of installing a boiler. 

  1. Energy Efficiency: The truth is that water is a more effective method to transfer heat than air. A furnace must heat air to the rooms, while a boiler heats water and pipes it to terminal points. Therefore, a boiler can heat your home more efficiently, saving energy and money.
  2. Durable and Long-Lasting: Due to the nature of how boilers operate, they’re made with fewer moving parts than other home heating systems. Because of the lower number of mechanical components, boilers undergo less strain to function. A well-maintained furnace usually lasts fifteen to twenty years, but a well-maintained boiler can last up to three decades.
  3. Less Service: Since there are fewer moving parts, fewer parts need repair. Service just isn’t required as often when the system is more straightforward.
  4. Even Heating: Furnaces tend to blow out heated air that gathers at the ceiling of a room. It takes a while for this heat to spread through the rest of the room. And when the heat finally does spread, it does so unevenly. Boilers don’t blow heat into a room. They radiate heat into a space by heating up the surfaces, as explained above. This heats a room faster and more evenly. 
  5. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Since boilers don’t need to use ducts, they won’t blow around dust and other debris that can collect inside ventilation systems. If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, a boiler will definitely make their lives easier. 


Suppose you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of having a boiler. In that case, your search for “boiler installation near me” is over. Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling is a locally owned HVAC company providing heating and cooling services to residential customers in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Timnath, Severance, La Salle, Evans, Windsor, and all of Northern Colorado. Call for a free estimate for your installation or repair. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

In addition to boiler installations, we also offer boiler repair, boiler replacement, furnace maintenance, and furnace repair services. Other HVAC services include air conditioning systems, tankless water heaters, AC installations, AC repair, boilers, humidifiers, and ductless systems.

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