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Air Conditioning Replacement Loveland

Greeley HVAC Contractor - Air Conditioner Installation Guide for Greeley Homeowners

It’s a day you’ve been dreading. It’s the day your air conditioning system decided it couldn’t take it anymore and quit working. Now what? Do a Google search for “Air Conditioning Replacement Loveland” to find Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling. We’ll get you back in your comfort zone. Go online or call for a free quote today: 970-405-5333.

Ready for the air conditioning replacement Loveland residents need in today’s heat?

It’s hard to remember a time without having air conditioning in the home. Most people nowadays grew up with their household temperatures set in the cool 70s during a rare or occasional heat wave. The idea of going outside was daunting, yet enjoying the good life at home during hot summer days kept us smiling. Today, 80 percent of Americans have air conditioning systems, which has made living in hot areas like northern Colorado and the West tolerable.

While air conditioning is considered one of the 10 best mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th Century, cooling units still have a lifespan that wears with age. With proper maintenance, homeowners can make their AC units last 15-20 years or more without flaw. But with the kind of heat the Rocky Mountain West has been experiencing of late, air conditioners are going to be in for a workout. It’s expected that the U.S. will see an 8 percent increase in summer air conditioning demand by the early 2030s, according to a study published in Earth’s Future.

Regular maintenance can keep your AC system running

If you are now in the market for AC, you’re going to want a good system maintained regularly by a heating and air Loveland, CO company that will stay on top of your regular maintenance.  Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling can get your home back into its happy place in no time. Our team of professionals will fix all of your HVAC systems, from simple maintenance to complete replacement.  If you’re worried about the HVAC replacement cost, try our online financing tool to put your mind at ease.

With 10 years of experience, we operate to rave reviews

Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling has been operating for more than a decade. We are NATE Certified and we are fully licensed and insured.

Our customers regularly reward our efforts with five-star reviews, like Kelley Richardson: “I would highly recommend this company. They came out and did an excellent job. Fair pricing, knowledgeable, on time and so much more. I will definitely use them for all my needs in the future. There are so many companies out there. I Support local businesses who know how to do things right. So happy with my decision to use them 😊👍👍👍”

Cool Ducts Heating and Air works throughout the Front Range on all systems from furnaces to water coolers to central air and ductless systems. Call us today.