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Cool Ducts HVAC would love to help you. All of your HVAC system needs, such as AC repair in the summer and furnace repair in the winter, are our jam. We provide all HVAC services. We serve Northern Colorado homeowners and would love to be your go-to Broomfield HVAC Contractor. Call: (970)-405-5333 or fill out our contact form.
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Situated around 18 miles north of Denver, Broomfield, Colorado, has beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. According to the City and County of Broomfield, it is a city and county with a strong sense of unity, pride, and identity. It is masterfully planned with a good mix of residential and commercial areas. With acres of open spaces, parks, and natural areas.

More than 76,000 residents call Broomfield home, and for good reason. It has stunning views of Mount Evans to the west and Longs Peak to the northwest, not to mention the Flatirons that hover to the west above Boulder. Broomfield got its start in 1885 when Adolph Zang bought acreage around what is now 120th Avenue and Olde Wadsworth Boulevard. He eventually purchased 4,000 acres, which he used for fruit orchards and raising Percheron horses. With the creation of the Crescent Grange in 1898, the foundations of the Broomfield community began.

In 1950, the first toll road in Colorado was built, connecting Denver and Boulder as the Denver-Boulder Turnpike. The toll to drive this road was 25 cents, and the $6.3 million cost of construction was paid off 13 years early; by 1967, it became a free public highway. Broomfield was the site of the highway’s toll booth. Growth in Broomfield eventually spread it into four neighboring counties, which led to confusion for residents when they sought county services. In 2001, Broomfield made history by becoming the state’s 64th county. Today, Broomfield is replete with shopping, parks and trails and arts and culture. As with many Colorado cities, Broomfield has a thriving arts in public spaces program, which now boasts 72 pieces, including a permanent collection.

According to the local Chamber of Commerce,  Broomfield is a “burgeoning center of the high-tech, retail and manufacturing industries.” It is home to a growing aerospace industry with Ball Aerospace, and it is home to several major company headquarters, such as Vail Resorts, Noodles & Co., and Old Chicago.Residents enjoy great amenities for a balanced lifestyle. With many people calling Broomfield home, it’s good to have an HVAC company you can count on.  We are proud to provide the best HVAC services for you. Enjoy the comfort of your home while having the peace of mind you need with your HVAC system. 

Work with the best Broomfield HVAC contractor

With so many HVAC companies in Northern Colorado to choose from, it can be challenging to make the right choice. Most will promise good service. With Cool Ducts HVAC, you can be absolutely sure you are working with true professionals. We are EPA & NATE certified and are proud members of the American Pipe Fittings Association (APFA).

We are a local HVAC company. Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling provides residential and commercial customers with all-inclusive HVAC services. Services include AC repair; furnace repair; boiler repair and much more. Cool Ducts HVAC strives to offer competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.

Work with a team of professionals that will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs for high-quality air conditioning, furnaces, boilers, tankless water heaters, humidifiers, ductless systems, and smart home technology.

You can be sure you will always receive honest and transparent communication, fair and competitive pricing, and outstanding service. We have over 10 years of experience. We provide top-notch HVAC diagnostics, repairs, installations, and maintenance. When you need HVAC services, turn to us.

Most Common Furnace Problems

As a professional furnace repair company, we have stumbled across many issues that require repair services. Some of the most common furnace problems that we help fix as your Broomfield HVAC contractor in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, and throughout Northern Colorado include:

  • Dirty Filters — A dirty furnace filter reduces airflow, causing your furnace to have to work harder. This leads to a shortened lifespan of the system and can cause strain on other components.
  • Wear and Tear — Daily wear and tear eventually leads to system failure. Avoid this with regular inspections and maintenance of your furnace.
  • Electric Ignition Problems — An ignition problem can be the result of a faulty igniter, control board, or transformer.
  • Frequent Cycling — Your system should only turn on when there is a high demand for heat. If it constantly turns on and off, you may have a malfunctioning thermostat or an airflow problem.
  • Furnace Not Heating Enough or Not Heating at All — This could be caused by a number of issues. Maybe your system isn’t getting enough power, or maybe you have a dirty filter or malfunctioning blower fan.
  • Noisy Furnace — This could be caused by a loose component that needs tightening or an issue with the blower wheel.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat — The thermostat in your system is responsible for sending power to different components. If it isn’t working properly, you will have issues with certain parts of your furnace.
  • Furnace Making Strange Noises — Your system should not make any unusual noises. This could be caused by a loose component that needs tightening or an issue with the blower wheel.

These are just a few of the most common problems that can cause issues with your furnace. Don’t try to fix these problems yourself, as they could potentially put your health at risk, let Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling resolve your furnace problems.


We are not comfortable until you are. Check out what our clients say about us:

“Cool Ducts is a wonderful company! Not only is Nick friendly, but he is very professional and does great work. He is very knowledgeable in his work and took the time to explain what needed to be repaired. I was extremely impressed and happy with what Cool Ducts did for my home. You will be very pleased with Nick’s work. Please choose Cool Ducts for your heating/cooling needs!” – Heather H.

Still not convinced, here’s another one:

“Nick was great when our heater went out this week! He was easy to get ahold of when we needed him and able to work around my work schedule. He found the part needed to fix our unit and made sure we were well taken care of! We will definitely continue to use Cool Ducts for any future needs!” – Haley Johnson

Nothing should get in the way of enjoying your life in Broomfield, Colorado.  Make sure you are taken care of by a Broomfield HVAC contractor for your HVAC service needs. Cool Ducts is the best HVAC company to keep your HVAC systems running in good condition through different seasons, whether you’re experiencing frigid temperatures during the winter or scorching temperatures during the summer.

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