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Air Conditioning Service in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Ductless AC System - Air Conditioning Service in Fort Collins

Spring is in the air and the winter cold is beginning to leave us. Soon we will be seeing some really warm days here in Colorado. Experiencing those warmer days must be what has you looking for air conditioning service in Fort Collins. While Colorado weather is pretty mild compared to other states, the summer days can be sweltering. At Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling, we believe in making your home as comfortable and healthy as possible, especially during the hottest days of the year. 

The best air conditioning service in Fort Collins

Cool Ducts Heating and Collins is your top-rated HVAC service provider in Northern Colorado. We take pride in being a fully licensed and insured company with EPA and NATE certification, so you can expect perfection from our air conditioning repair technicians and services. We will help you live in a comfortable enclosed space while ensuring that you and your family breathe quality air. We are not comfortable till you are, and we will not rest until we achieve your satisfaction. Having air conditioning in your home has many benefits other than just comfort.  Let’s dive deeper into the important reasons to have air conditioning in your home. 

Nine important reasons why it’s crucial to have air conditioning in Colorado:

  1. Comfort: The primary function of an air conditioner is to maintain a comfortable and cool environment inside your home. On hot days, the temperature outside can be extremely high, making your home unbearable without some form of cooling. A well-functioning air conditioning unit transforms your home into a comfortable oasis, giving you relief from the relentless heat.
  2. Sleep Quality: It’s well documented that our sleep quality improves in cooler environments. High temperatures can lead to restlessness, difficulty falling asleep, and interruptions to your sleep cycle. By maintaining an optimal temperature in your bedroom, an air conditioner can significantly improve your quality of sleep, leaving you well-rested and ready for the day ahead. Better sleep is a great reason to seek out Cool Ducts HVAC for air conditioning service in Fort Collins.
  3. Heat-Related Health Problems: Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to health issues such as heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. These conditions can be scary and serious, especially for vulnerable individuals like the elderly, young children, and those with existing health conditions. Having a quality air conditioning system, like one we can install for you can significantly reduce the risk of heat-related health problems by providing a cool and healthy environment.
  4. Air Quality: Air conditioning systems also play a key role in enhancing the air quality inside your home. They filter out pollutants, dust, and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and safer to breathe. This is very beneficial for people with respiratory conditions like asthma, or those who suffer from allergies. We want you to breathe easy in your home!
  5. Reduced Dehydration: As the body tries to cool itself in the heat, it naturally sweats, which can lead to dehydration if not carefully managed. A well-regulated indoor environment, courtesy of your Cool Ducts installed air conditioner, reduces excessive sweating and the risk of dehydration. 
  6. Protecting Your Home: High temperatures and high humidity can actually damage the structure of your home. This can result in warped wood, peeling paint, and damage to your belongings. By controlling both the temperature and the humidity levels within your home, an air conditioning unit helps preserve the integrity of your house and protect your personal possessions. Temperature control is not only good for humans and pets, but for the items we hold dear as well. 
  7. Improving Productivity: Research has shown that our productivity takes a hit when we’re working in high temperatures. Whether you’re working from home, studying, or just trying to get through daily chores, a cooler environment can keep you focused and efficient. With a top-notch air conditioning unit, you can create an optimal work or study environment even on the hottest of days. Who doesn’t want to stay productive all year long?
  8. Protecting Electronic Devices: Heat isn’t just bad for us – it also harms our electronic devices. Computers, smartphones, televisions, and other electronics can overheat and have their lifespan reduced in high temperatures. By maintaining a cool environment, an air conditioning unit helps to protect these devices, extending their life and performance.
  9. Peace of Mind: There’s a lot to be said about the peace of mind you get from knowing you can escape the heat. Being able to focus on your day, whether that involves work, fun activities, or quality time with your family, without the distraction of uncomfortably high temperatures, is invaluable. The reassurance of returning to a cool, refreshing home gives you one less thing to worry about during the summer months.


Cool Ducts HVAC high-quality HVAC services in Northern Colorado. We serve all the cities surrounding Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland, all the way south to Westminster and Thornton. From furnace repair and installation to AC repair and installation, we can meet all your heating and cooling needs. We have additional services such as boiler replacement, ductless systems, tankless water heaters, humidifiers, and the installation of smart home services. We are here to help make your home the very best with our air conditioning service in Fort Collins.

Read some of our five-star reviews from our happy customers:

“Excellent experience! My First American Home Warranty assigned Cool Ducts to replace/repair the HVAC and I couldn’t be happier. Nick and his staff are so nice and dependable. They kept me in the loop with the AC order status and when they were on their way to my house. Very knowledgeable, professional, and honest! I would refer them to my family, friends, and clients.” -Jeni

“Stop searching and call Cool Ducts! Nick is the absolute best. My AC stopped working and was under warranty through American and they connected me with Nick. He is honest, had great communication, is knowledgeable, and all around a great human. I can’t say enough good things, I only wish he could do all my home projects.” -Tracy

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