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Being a homeowner can sometimes feel like a full-time job, especially when things need to be replaced. While most homeowners tend to forget about their boilers until something is wrong, having a working boiler system is essential for keeping your home and water adequately heated. In general, a well-maintained boiler can last 15 solid years before needing to be replaced, but knowing when the time is right can feel like a challenge if you are a new homeowner. Luckily, no matter if it’s your first time searching for “boiler replacement near me” or the hundredth, there are plenty of warning signs leading up to a replacement. Keep reading to learn the top four signs that your boiler needs to be replaced. 

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Top four signs that your boiler needs to be replaced 

1. There’s no hot water or heat 

One of the best indicators that a boiler replacement might be in your future is if you are experiencing frequent bouts of cold water or no heat at all inside your home. Homeowners often notice this sign if they consistently are experiencing little hot water while taking a shower. If this becomes a regular occurrence, make sure to call a reputable boiler company to inspect. A good boiler company will determine the extent of the damage your boiler is experiencing. 

2. Your boiler’s efficiency rating is dropping 

Are you experiencing higher-than-average utility bills for heating your home? This could be an indication that your boiler’s efficiency rating is dropping. Newer boilers are rated on a scale from A to G, with A being the best efficiency and G the least efficient. This may or may not be an indicator of total boiler replacement. The boiler replacement cost is usually worth the investment with the money you’ll save on utility costs. To learn more about boiler efficiency ratings, check out this article by the Department of Energy. 

3. Your boiler is taking a long time to heat 

When your boiler is working correctly, it should only take a few seconds for it to be fully heated. If this has been a recurring issue that you’ve already had fixed in the past, it’s a good idea to consider a complete boiler replacement. While no homeowner likes to think of boiler replacement cost, there are plenty of options available for payment plans when you choose a reputable HVAC boiler company. Check out our financing options.

4. Foul odors coming from your boiler 

Another good indication that you need a boiler replacement is if you start to smell foul odors from your appliance. The most common types of smells homeowners might experience when their boiler needs replacement are burning fabric, a burning electrical smell, or a metallic odor. A reputable Heating and Cooling contractor can determine the cause of the smells and if they warrant a total replacement. 

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