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Fort Collins Whole House Humidifier Installation

Cool Ducts HVAC humidifier - Fort Collins Whole House Humidifier Installation

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you know how dry it is here, especially in the colder months. While there’s a lot to love about this great state, the dry air can lead to chapped lips, flakey skin, raspy throats, and other discomforts inside and outside your home. For this reason, it’s wise to consider a Fort Collins whole house humidifier installation to keep your home comfy inside all year round. Keep reading to discover the benefits of whole-house humidifier installation for your Northern Colorado home. 

Three benefits of getting your Fort Collins whole house humidifier installation 

Before we dive into the benefits of installing a whole-house humidifier system, let’s dive into how a system like this works. If a whole-house humidifier is a new concept, how it works is by hooking it into your home’s duct system. When it is turned on or set automatically, the humidifier will add a controlled amount of moisture to the air that is pushed into the duct system and distributed throughout the home. A humidistat can measure this for you if you are curious about how much humidity is in the air. 

Now that you understand how a whole-house humidifier works, let’s discuss the benefits. 

1. Health and comfort

One of the main benefits of having an HVAC contractor install a whole-house humidifier is for the health benefits. In addition to helping alleviate dry skin, dry lips, and dry noses, humidifiers can also help reduce asthma symptoms and make you less susceptible to getting sick. Who wouldn’t want more healthy days?

2. Home protection

Another benefit of adding a whole-house humidifier to your home is to protect your home from the damaging effects of dry air. Dry air can lead to wood cracking, chipping paint, and warping cabinets. Having the proper humidity level can not only prevent your home from these types of damages but also protect against electrostatic discharge from electronics that can lead to extensive damage. 

3. Lowered utility bills 

If you’ve ever been to a state with higher humidity levels, you may have noticed that even at lower temperatures, the air feels warmer than dry climates. The same can be said about a home that has higher humidity levels. Having the proper humidity inside your home can allow thermostats to be set to lower temperatures in the winter, which means lower utility bills for homeowners. It’s a great benefit to have when utility prices continue to rise. 

If you are ready to end your search for Fort Collins whole house humidifier installation services, consider hiring Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling for your humidifier installation project. Cool Ducts Heating and Cooling is a locally owned HVAC company providing heating and cooling services to residential customers in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Timnath, Severance, La Salle, Evans, Windsor, and all of Northern Colorado. We provide furnace installations, boiler replacements, and boiler repair. We also offer furnace maintenance and furnace repair services; air conditioning system installations, AC repair, tankless water heaters, humidifiers, and ductless systems. We are NATE Certified and proud members of the American Pipe Fittings Association.

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In the meantime, check out this 5-star review from our recent client, Sidney Simmons. 

“Nick is the man. He installed a whole house humidifier and a nest thermostat for my wife and I in a house we just purchased. He was professional, easy to contact (calls and texts), and punctual. He gave us plenty of options, reasonable prices and indicated potential problems with existing work. We’ll 100% call him again for any future needs.” 

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